Wednesday, June 15, 2011

China Glaze- Flyin' High (PERFECT summer color!)

Ok, so I'm madly in love with this color! I sincerely apologize because these pictures not at ALL depict the true wondrous color. It's NOWHERE NEAR as bright a blue. It's more of a mid-tone blue with a green over spray. It's like teal but on crack! I love it! I recorded a short clip of the ACTUAL nail color that appears in person. I just happened to pick this up at Ulta about a year ago but it got all goopy so I gave up on it...but decided to add remover..VOILA! It works like a brand new bottle. This polish is from the Up and Away collection. Oh and excuse my dry cuticles..I need to buy some Lemony Flutter. But anyway, I adore this color and I think I might wear it multiple times throughout the summer. It is universally flattering so anyone from the coolest to warmest skin tones could pull it off. That's about it, I highly suggest you to go out and get you a bottle. As always, pictures will be below. Have a nice weekend!


No Flash (closer to actual color..but not really)

Sticker Thingy o.0

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