Sunday, November 20, 2011

Color Club Twiggie and NARS Space Odyssey

I received Twiggie as a gift. Isn't that fantastic! If there's one gift that you could get me and I'll get full use of it, that'll be nail polish! I babysit my brother's best-friend's little sister, whose seven and her mom and my mom are good friends. They found out about my unhealthy obsession with nail polish- I don't conceal it very much, do I- and they bought me Twiggie along with the their fractured polish in Tattered in Gold. How sweet are they?!! I seriously did NOT expect it, and I'm super grateful. Like the best gift you could ever get me is nail polish, or a Barnes and Noble gift card.

Twiggie is a nice pistachio green, but it looks kind of turquoise in my pictures. Trust me, it's not. I inlcuded the last picture because it shows how horribly inaccurate the color it looks.  I didn't auto color it in photoshop. I do have yellow undertones to my skin but the color is off and the pics above this make my skin look so much darker. But w.e..I'm not going ot die. It's SO funny because I was JUST looking at this polish right before they gave me it. Isn't that crazy? Do you remember this NARS polish? It was exclusive for Fashion's Night Out, which I didn't get to go to :( But I remember only wanting it and calling my local Sephora to see if they had the collection in yet, which they didn't. But I went to Sephora last weekend and I seriously thought I was going crazy, I jumped for joy when I saw that there were about THREE polishes of Space Odyssey there. THREE?!  I thought they were sold out LONG ago, but you might get lucky. Check your local Sephora.

Nars is $17
Color Club is $3-5, depending on where you go

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