Thursday, October 20, 2011

China Glaze Dorothy Who?

Gahh! I  don't even think I need to say anything. I know I'm no Scrangie, but I think I pretty accurately caught the beauty and deepness of Dorothy Who? In the first picture. The second picture is washed out, but's that's ok. When I first saw this gem, I HAD to have it...I even bought a back up since I got it. Dorothy who is a blue jelly base with silver micro-glitter. As I've said before, I love blues and this is no exception. The only "bad side" about it would be that it could get a little thick, but Restore can fix that. I also would like there to be more light blue micro-glitter and less silver. I don't really care for the silver-laden aspect to this, or any other polish, for that matter. But Dorothy Who? still gets a 5 in my book! Are you going to pick this up?

China Glaze: $5-7


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